Nature is unstable and in constant transformation; our psyche belongs to nature; every psychic motion is a natural process thus as such an element in the cosmos of the cosmos, essential, inseparable, in constant relation through an exchange of shapes and contents towards mutual transformation. There is a relational depth in which any transformation is conceivable and achievable, the fabric of reality is extremely wide and can be renovated through deep and direct relationships, just like our psyche. 


Unconscious everyday life is embedded within static processes, strongly dictated and influenced by a perception complexity that comes from a collective consciousness, carved into psycho-behavioral activities stunned by history. The very essence of nature exists on reality’s different and countless levels in which our mind can select and choose exactly the landscape in which to be, but the needed depth for the activation of a process of this kind is such as to demand a spiritual fullness that allows the fusion with the natural and daily whole. The surface on which we have usually been educated and live on is a complex one because incomplete, not simple and not banal. The reality of the whole goes beyond complexity and appears to be in the ingenuity and alacrity of the fully centered individual. 

There is no other key, no other way if not Relationship, through meditated and meditative listening, while being mindful within the cosmos or with any portion of it so as to overtake the threshold of perceptions and begin to structure our collage of reality for a journey beyond the static physical boundaries. Planet’s nature has a space and a non-space, on the surface appear frightening and uncontrollable immense oceanic waves of a tsunami, the earthquakes that transform entire regions, the volcanic explosions creating landscapes and islands in the sea; while in our intimacy, in the non-space, we are subject to the relativity of the relationships where the cornerstones of the exchange levels are at par and at service of dynamics. 

The universe is dynamic on several levels, shape is temporary, space is dynamic, and time is dynamic and temporary when it exists. Meanwhile, vibrations represent the structural ground of our surrounding and have the ability to solicit or modify our brain structure, our psyche, our thinking.

Born in Varese in 1976, today the artist lives and works in Palermo, Italy. Over the years the research techniques have been various (drawings, installation sculptures, set design, editorial illustration, video art, photography) enabling today the expression of, in an articulate and coherent awareness, his artistic professional research that moves towards a constant reinterpretation of nature, willing to explain human emotions and thoughts, so as to grasp « togetherness ». 


His first artworks belong to the 2003/2009 figurative period, sculptures are dominated by the human figure and the energy of the body. The figures relate to daily use objects, a pretext to justify new shapes and sculptural architectures that convey narration, mystery and irony. Then in 2009/2011 the research evolved towards constructivism and abstract art expression, to the point of verging on the kinetic-minimalist sculptural art. 

In 2010 his first stay in Palermo where the artist is mainly dedicated to drawings though without thinking of a specific subject, without closing himself towards a defined direction – here the point when the artistic research finds representation and belonging in ORGANIC REINVENTION, 2011 to date, for the definition of his own artistic and personal identity as a reinvention and reinterpretation of the natural world. Daniele's transdisciplinar identity today finds ground and exchange within Dimora OZ, Art Factory and artistic and cultural placemaking project in Palermo that deals with Contemporary Art issues. Enthusiastic member since 2015, OZ includes the following professionals: Visual and Relational artists, social and art educators, performers, media artists, electronic musicians, designers, photographers, art curators.

  • 2018 | Manifesta 12, Category: 5x5x5 [Traffic Light] | Palermo
  • 2017 | Contemporary Shot, Palermo per il Contemporaneo × Dimora OZ [LITO] | Palermo
  • 2016 | Riso, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea della Sicilia × International Biennial Contemporary Art Exihibition of Religions and Humanity, The Creation [Ti°kli] | Palermo
  • 2016 | Riso, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily × Workshop Origins [DERMA] | Palermo
  • 2016 | Contemporary Shot, Palermo for Contemporary × Dimora OZ [PORO] | Palermo
  • 2015 | Preview BIAS 2016 [Ti°kli] | Cannaregio, Venezia
  • 2010 | Museo Floriano Bodini × Personal Installation [Sculpture, L2] | Gemonio, Varese
  • 2009 | Finalist Video Art & Experimental Film Festival at TRIBECA CINEMAS, presented at Italian Film & Art Festival and at Dio Art Center, Seoul [VideoArt Trilogy LAST SUN] | New York
  • 2009 | Gallery MONTRASIO 5, Collettive exhibition [Sculpture, L2] | Milano
  • 2009 | Finalist Premio San Fedele contest of Fondazione Culturale San Fedele di Milano [Sculpture, L2] | Milano
  • 2009 | OPIFICIO 42, Personal Exhibition [SCULTURA, Spatial Installations] | Varese
  • 2006 | Intervallo : Fuori Salone Milan Design week [Sculpture: Fever, Silenzi] | Milano
  • MEMORY OF EMPTINESS [Maps] Ink on paper, diameter 113 cm | Ink on parchment, #9 tables, 50 x 70 cm | Palermo 2018

  • TRAFFIC LIGHT [Media-Art Installation] Manifesta 12, 5x5x5 | Palermo 2018
  • KaOZ [Executive Manager] Manifesta 12, Collateral Event |Palermo 2018
  • BURIDAN’S ASS [Exhibition set-up] | Palermo 2018
  • FRACTAL GARDEN [Maps] 300 x 120 cm - UV print, Plexiglas | Palermo 2018
  • UNREST REDUX [Exhibition set-up] | Palermo 2017
  • WHITE ASPAZE [Sculpture] 47 x 98 x h86 cm - Paraffin, iron | Palermo 2017
  • DEEPLY GREEN [Photography] 24,5 x 24,5 cm [#26 photographs/05 + audio-visual usb support, listening THz in Hz] | Palermo 2017
  • LITO [Sculpture] 30 x 30 cm variable size possibilities - Paraffin, wood | Palermo 2017
  • PORO [Sculpture] 100 x 200 x 80 cm - Paraffin, acrylic colour, water, syrup, cellophane, neon green light | Palermo 2016
  • TI°KLI [Architectural project] 400 x 105 cm – Digital print on paper | Palermo 2016
  • DERMA [Maps] 350 x 120 cm - UV print | Palermo 2015
  • THE FIFTH BOOK [Graphic novel] 18 drawings, 33 x 42 cm - Ink on paper | Palermo 2015
  • COSMIC BLOSSOMS [Drawings] 17 drawings, 33 x 42 cm - Ink on paper | Palermo 2015
  • EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION ‘Un mare di cani. Manuale di cinologia applicata’ [Illustrations and cover] ISBN: 122001236X | Palermo 2015
  • CAMMEO [Graphic novel] 12 drawings, 29,7 x 42 cm - Ink on paper | Palermo 2014
  • PATIO [Graphic novel] 40 drawings, 33 x 42 cm - Ink on paper | Palermo 2014
  • USERS [Scenic design] Theatre play, EU project - Daphne III | Palermo 2012
  • EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION ‘L’io E il cane’ [Illustrations and cover] Edizioni Altea, ISBN-10: 8897525059 | Palermo 2012
  • ORGANIC REINVENTION [Sculpture] 4 rods, variable sizes | Varese 2012
  • DIMENSIONAL NOTES [Drawings] 9 drawings, 50 x 70 cm - pencil on paper | Palermo 2011
  • LAST SUN [VideoArt] Trilogia “LAST SUN” | Finalist Video Art & Experimental Film Festival al TRIBECA CINEMAS, New York [author with Mauro Colombo] | Varese 2010
  • SPATIAL NSTALLATIONS [Sculpture] Varese 2009
    • L1 | 80 x 40 x 300 cm - Plaster cast, fur
    • L2 |  60 x 270 x 95 cm - Metal          
    • L3 | 160 x 160 x 80 cm – Plaster cast, fur, metal
    • L4 | 240 x 240 x 50 cm - Metal, rubber
  • HASANKEYF WAITING LIFE [Art Director] Documentary 56' Hdv, Hagam productions [trailer - full] | Turkey 2008
  • ORGANIC BONE STRUCTURE [Sculpture] Varese 2008
    • The colour of Light 1 | 105 x 105 x 105 cm, plaster cast
    • The colour of Light 2 | 100 x 100 x 120 cm, plaster cast
  • TREE project [Scenic design] Tatsuo Miyajima's artistic project, since Biennale 1999 - Executive committee of the Kaki tree project, VII edit. | Varese 2007
  • THE PHALANX GAME [Sculpture, in bio] 175 x 100 x 100 cm, plaster cast | Varese 2006
  • International Festival CORTISONICI [Scenic design] Planning and execution of sets | Varese 2006, Spot ‘07, ‘08
  • FAUSTO [Drawings] 100 x 100 cm, oil pastel on paper | Varese 2004
  • OH MIO DIO [Photography × Sculpture] 100 x 55 x 40 cm - clay | Varese 2003
  • FEVER [Sculpture] 160 x 100 x 80 cm - clay | Varese 2003
  • SILENCES [Sculpture] 55 x 80 x 22 cm - clay | Varese 2003