buridan's ass

Exhibition : Michele Vaccaro

Set-up project : Daniele Di Luca

Michele Vaccaro applies the philosophical paradox of Buridano along some photographic sequences that have marked contemporary geopolitical narratives and processes. The images of Buridan's Ass (the massacre of the Rohingya Muslim ethnic group and the silence of Aung San Suu Ky and of the Buddhist community of Myanmar, Xi Jimping after the cancellation of the limit of his mandate from the Chinese constitution, the bankruptcy of the coup against Erdogan, the beached cadaver of a child, the effects of Sarin gas in the clashes in Syria, Donald Trump and his fierce and arrogant tweets) are dissolved through chemical agents in a limited time and space, channeled into six installations that symbolize critical incapacity and to reach a fully conscious dimension and a concrete action on the present. (A. Kantos)


Michele Vaccaro
Curated by Dimora OZ
Set-up design project: Daniele Di Luca
01 : 13/09/2018

The exhibition is part of Outer Circle, a project curated by D.O.O.R., Matèria, Gibellina PhotoRoad, Cesura, a r c h p e l a g y and the Studio Frontiera.