deeply green

Matter can be heard | Sound can be weighed and has a volume | Thought is matter

greenscape listening

THz of color green in Hz
1 terahertz [THz] = 1000000000000 hertz [Hz]
5 terahertz = 5 x 10+12 hertz
526 terahertz = 5.26 x 10+14 hertz
526- terahertz = 5.26 x 10+14 hertz
526-606 terahertz = 5.26 x 10+14 hertz
526-606 wave lenghts in meters = 569947.6387833 hertz




526-606 THZ

wave lenghts


Soundscape listening through actual translation from visual to sound frequency brought to the audible threshold: A terahertz (THz) is the SI unit of frequency defined as the number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon. This unit is used to describe the frequency of sounds, mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic radiation (radio waves, light and gamma rays). Example: infrared rays usually have frequencies from 1 to 400 THz; a human eye can see the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum 400-790 THz.

The project suggests an exchange of inquiry through our senses, exchanging sight with listening, placing the landscape (space time) and colour as a reality to be listened to. Physically, matter does not seem to exist, or if it exists, it is nothing but a set of vibrating atoms that make it visible, just as the blades of a fan form a full perceived by our eyes, thus the matter as well as the colour is nothing but vibration.

DEEPLY GREEN is a photographic project in which the green color of the natural landscape is the dominant one for reading and interpreting reality. Through an elaboration of the specific THz of the color in Hz, it is possible to obtain a sound, a frequency that, later taken to an audible threshold, gives the result of a possible sound of the landscape.

In the formalization of the work, the photographs printed on a specific paper seem to represent a gelatinous landscape and also, suitably blurred, impose on the observer a visual effort to understand the landscape. The subject of the work is thus exposed within a type of “aquarium picture”, in which the desire for connection makes it possible to grasp reality, but in a personal way. In fact, each image, despite the fact that the landscape is always the same, is distinguished by the personal emotional experience of the observer, turning green into the emblem of the connection between the individual and the landscape.


Daniele Di Luca
Palermo 2017

#26 photographs +
audio-visual support 
[THz in Hz] 
24,5 x 24,5 cm

Sound translation
Fabio R. Lattuca