no form

no substance

- Sculpture and Painting -

Works and Installations by Daniele Di Luca.

The exhibition is curated by Alessandra Poggianti, with her critical text in the limited edition Exhibition Catalogue published by TraRari TIPI, featuring a presentation by Luca Traini and contributions by Debora Ferrari (photos by Giacomo Vanetti).

Chiesa di San Giovanni, 21020 Casciago - Varese. 19th May - 22nd June, 2024


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07/06/24 Franca Formenti, performance "cibARMI", 18h30
15/06/24 Fabio R. Lattuca, "La voce muta" live set music (Stochastic Resonance),  21h00
22/06/24 Finissage with "The Black" live music, 21h00

*Free and shared meditation, daily from 19:00 - 19:45