traffic light

stop and proceed

TRAFFIC LIGHT is conveyor of signals, it’s a traffic light that invites for a 'Stop and Proceed’, to decelerate to then stimulate participatory action.

The photographic project imposes the observer to slow down and make a visual effort in reading the scenario. It is the will of relationship that makes it possible to grasp reality, yet in a personal way.

It’s about slowing down the rhythm of observation to then encourage and vitalise a productive ecosystem that is currently not ready yet to control the various potentially conflicting traffic flows.

Although all landscapes appear to be the same so that colours turn to emblem of the relationship between the individual and the landscape.

The lights indicate through a universal colour code to stop, to proceed in the direction denoted and to forewarn the imminence of a change of state.

For better safety and to embrace a more attentive consideration of different personal needs, the light signs of the pedestrian traffic lights are more and more often supplemented by sound signals, like the acoustic ones for blind people, with signals at low frequency for green, at higher frequencies for yellow and silence for red.

Also TRAFFIC LIGHT is supported by a video-sound signal that favours the auditory experience of the landscape, showing the images as sonograms of the frequency of a vibrant landscape next to becoming - imminent to a change of state.


[Media Art installation]
Follow up di DEEPLY GREEN
24,5 x 79,5 cm


Project for Manifesta 12, 2018
Il Traffico (Finland)
Video production

Conventions and norms are best expressed and embodied in traffic; crowds become amplified sonically, their motion and weight on the streets form nodes, networks, and bottle-necks. Mental states adjust to speed, awareness awakens and driving often is a state in which self-reflection and auto-poesia emerge. To meet this urban bloodstream, Collective Intelligence looks at how a meshed space for emerging relationships acts as a locus to create knowledge rather than product development or production.