Light, Colour and Density of materials


Daniele Di Luca
Palermo 2016

Paraffin, acrylic colour,
water, syrup, cellophane,
neon green light 
100 x 200 x 80 cm

PORO is the raw material before taking shape in your mind when reality takes on significance

Everything, the whole universe remains indeterminate until the moment it meets our consciousness, and it is at that moment, once observed, that collapsing into reality we declare its existence and identity. The structure of PORO is of a substance under observation, an artistic synthesis of shape and composition of the structural intelligence of organic substances in a broad sense. Green, the colour of the flourishing nature expands on and with water, forming green swamps, rocks and mossy trunks - germ places, embryonic ones. PORE is unstable because dynamic, palpable, next to become and absorb. It’s colour, density and substance that determines the original HOTSPOT.