last sun

2010, Finalist at Video Art & Experimental Film Festival - TRIBECA CINEMAS and presented at Italian Film & Art Festival and at Dio Art Center, Seoul

Daniele Di Luca
[Video Art] Trilogy

Moments and rituals of a utopian society that live with the sun light. Men and women use the lights of the mirror in a daily life rituals of an imaginary society.

‘Last Sun’ represents the vision of an imaginary society: "We have built a world where the mirror becomes an intermediary element between the supreme natural entity, light and life; with the mirror tool men and women work, they seek for each other and research, they perform rituals, they question themselves ».

The project moves at the border between video art and narration, showing a man in the middle of the scene that rhythmically skips the beam of light reflected by the mirrors hold by two other people who perform a rotary movement, similar to the game of skipping rope.

«LAST SUN is witness of the evolutionary culmination of an archaic, Atlantean society, where men and women seek an ideal of beauty, of perfect harmony between nature and society».

The work ends at sunset: the working tool remains on the grass, waiting for the next sunrise.

"As long as the sun reflects on the mirrors, it’s not the last: every civilisation, precisely as such, risks being the victim of mysterious and natural historical events. And even this civilisation, however utopian, could be on the verge of decline ".